About me



I was born in Medellín, Colombia in 1967. Since I was a kid I showed my love for photography, holding always a camera in my hands for portraying family events and trips. After graduating from high school and being in the States as an exchange student, I went to college and graduated from Advertising in Colombia. Then, I worked in my own advertising agency. Not happy with my advertising career and passionate about photography, decided in 1991 to go to The Art Institute of Colorado, USA, where finally I could learn much more  about photography. There I had the great opportunity to study with photographers like Paul Moloney, from the Greeley Tribune, who later would became my biggest influence.

​Back in Colombia in 1993, I worked as part of "Cámara Lúcida" team, which was an image bank. There I dedicated to photo journalism for different newspapers and magazines.


Always wanting to go deeper into photography, I took classes with different colombian photographers and took different workshops and courses to help me improve more and more.


My passion for photography and travel has taken me trough the five continents, to where I travel with a camera on my shoulder as an extension of my body and soul and  register diferent cultures, scenery and remote and diverse realities that want to show to the rest of the world.


What I enjoy the most is photojournalism, travel and urban photography, but lately I have also dedicated  to work in several digital and artistic techniques.


Trough photography I want to express my continuos search for freedom and my need to show to the world what my eyes can see that others  eyes can´t.

My photos show a cultural and human diversity trough the simple things.